Kyaing Tong, is a town in eastern Shan State, Myanmar and it is also the principle town of Keng Tung Township.  The weather in this area is particular cooler than compare to the tropical area of Myanmar which is a suitable place for those visitors who would like to enjoy plenty memorable sceneries in the chilling weather.  Kyaing Tong is geographically located in an easily accessible location to the golden triangle area.

There are plenty of shifting fields and most local community maintains their unique culture where visitors can see traditionally built huts on the mountain slopes.  As it is interconnected to the golden triangle, and where diverse ethnics group inhabitant, therefore; visitors can expect to see other cultures and traditions but not just only the traditions of Kyaing Tong itself are the main attraction of Kyaing Tong has to offer.

Kyaing Tong has plenty of hiking, mountain climbing trips in a trekking pilgrimage to nearby mountains to visit the villages of different Shan ethnic tribes, enjoy the breath-taking sceneries along the way while admiring the pagodas along the way.