Many thanks for the excellent arrangement!

Hi again. It is now approx. a half month since we returned from Burma, and we still talk daily about the trip. We had a really nice time and you deserve many thanks for the excellent arrangement that you had put together for us! Guides and drivers were friendly and knowledgeable, all transfer went smoothly and we stayed in good hotels. We were particularly happy for the hotel in Bagan, Sitting with our cold beers under the Acasia tree while the sun went down over the river was the epitome of the Burmese Dream. Inle is fantastic. The trip to the Pao-populated area was a great experience. The idea of the long trip was overwhelming, but when we got off it turned out to be one of the best day trip we ever had and with beautiful scenery. Now we are back home and trying to sort out some of our 600 photo shots - and then we hope to return in not too many years and experience the result of the changes that are underway.

Many warm greetings
M & P (Denmark)


My gratitude for the wonder-full and well organized trip!

Dear Tin, I would like to express, in the name of the entire group, my gratitude for the wonder-full and well organized trip. As the journey was planned in detail upfront we have been able –in a limited time frame - to get a pretty good idea on the riches ness of the country and on the day-to-day activities of its habitants. We would like to take as well the opportunity to thank our guide Win for his professionalism and flexibility. We will promote Moby Dick for its valuable offer among our friends.

Thank you & best regards,
Yves (Belgium)


Thank you for arranging such a good trip!

I know Ann has been in touch with you & I wanted too to thank you for arranging such a good trip. I appreciated being met on arrival although I had to make a last minute change of flight from London. Our guide in Kyiang Tong was delightful,with a great sense of humour, & added to the wonderful experience of our hill tribe visits. Our guide in Bagan was immensely knowledgable & struck exactly the right balance between giving us the background & allowing us to enjoy the temples.

Best wishes,
Sue (Canada)


Thanks for a wonderful programme for our round trip!

Dear Astri & Co. We are now back in Norway overwhelmed by impressions from our tour in Myanmar (we understand from conversations with several locals that the Burma name is "out" both formally and by popular use).Thanks for a wonderful programme for our round trip .Fine mix of temples, pagodas, folklore and nature, topped with some wonderful beach days. We are very happy with the logistics (everything worked perfectly), hotels and the local, knowledgeable guides. If you need reference you may well use us.

Anne and Odd


Thanks so much for the excellent organization!

We just returned from a wonderful trip, very rich and varied, great hotels and meals for the most part, excellent guides and no major problems. We will have lots of wonderful memories. Thanks so much for the excellent organization. We will come back to you with some more detailed feedback if you think it would be useful.

Ebba & family


No exaggeration to say that it was my life's journey!

Dear all. I've had such a tremendous hurry since I came home from Burma that I have not had time to properly thank you for an amazing trip! It is no exaggeration to say that it was my life's journey. The 'open' the world, so to speak. What a great country! So lush and green, so clean and naturally beautiful, so rich in resources and art. And what incredibly lovely people! I have never seen so many handsome, expressive faces in my life, so many confident, mild gazes, so many instantly kind smiles and innate, elegant postures. What colours and textiles, artifacts and style! I went totally amuck with my camera - I took over 1000 pictures - and I am so glad I dragged around my super-heavy Nikon. I have 'frozen' a lot of gorgeous memories for later consumption. I still cherish the close to unlimited kindness I was greeted with from - totally unknown! - people wherever I turned my head. I am used to travelling alone, so I often talk with local people. But the conversations and contacts I had in Burma were particularly interesting.

Many greetings,


Want to thank you for a wonderful stay in Burma!

Hi Want to thank you for a wonderful stay in Burma. It was like to get back to a bygone era, for better or for worse. The Burma trip will always be remembered as special, with its warm and friendly people, fascinating culture, historic sites and not to mention beautiful scenery. I would like to have seen more of the country. I'm thinking in particular on the coast and mountains in the north, but that'll be another time! As regards the arrangement worked all very good, it was like a relay with perfect exchanges ! Do not have anything to complain about! Would also like to mentioned our "hot" guide from Bagan, whom we got very familiar with! Maybe a little advice! We ladies tend to be excited about shopping in new places, and in Burma there were many exciting things to buy! You may want to ask people to bring some extra money, since it is difficult to get more, once there! Otherwise we are happy that it looks like people have brighter times ahead. I hope they get developments in the country so that it benefits everyone!

Ingbjoerg & friends.


Everything was perfect and we felt very special!

Dear Tin Thank you for arranging our excellent trip which we enjoyed very much. Everything was perfect and we felt very special with the amazing rooms and fantastic hotels. We loved all of the places that we visited and were impressed with the level of service and friendliness of everyone we met. We have some lovely memories and lots of photos. We have attached photos of our boat on Inle Lake. Please can you pass our our thanks to Sue (sorry can't spell proper name) and we enjoyed her company on the first night. We will definitely be in touch with you again as we want to see more of your wonderful country and people.

Kind regards.
Jane and Clive (UK)